The Junkanoo Jam
An Island Paradise Basketball Tournament

About the Tournament

The Junkanoo Jam offers women’s college basketball teams a chance for excellent early season competition on the beaches of the Bahamas. Since the tournament’s inception in 2003, many of the nation’s finest women’s programs have converged on Grand Bahama Island to test their skills and enjoy some fun in the sun. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused damage to the island that put the 14th annual event in jeopardy. Tournament staff worked closely with the Bahamian people and government to relocate the Junkanoo Jam to Bimini Island where the event now runs as one of the top tournaments in the nation. Each participating program plays two nonconference games, dines and socializes beside the ocean for the popular Thanksgiving banquet, and is given the chance to jet-ski, snorkel, and more!


About Bimini

Located just 50 miles off Florida’s coast, Bimini is the closest Bahamian island to the United States, boasting miles of pristine beaches. Known as Ernest Hemingway’s favorite escape, Bimini is historically significant. Visitors from around the world enjoy its historical complexity and renowned past, including Bimini Road, which some believe is a remnant of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis. Bimini served as a convenient offshore speakeasy and liquor store during prohibition. Rumrunners used to store their stash on the nearby shores. And speaking of rum, Ernest Hemingway called Bimini his summer home. Jimmy Buffett spent time here while writing his book, and Martin Luther King, Jr. even composed parts of his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech while sailing with local boat builder, Ansil, who still lives on the islands today.